The Escape

Being wedged into a mass of humanity is not a novelty in Japan, but the crowd my wife Stephanie and I were stuck in clearly wasn’t going anywhere for hours.  I had visions of a Who-concert-style stampede and trampling, but of course the Japanese are used to this kind of thing and take it in stride, with their seeming infinite patience and courtesy.  Us Americans, on the other hand, have to be moving – we simply can’t abide being powerless and stuck.

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Hot Tip: Coming This Spring!

In one month the Signature Series will be released. This unique series of three hydration vests is being really well received.  And why not?  It was designed by three of the best ultrarunners in the world!  Retailers ordered the entire initial production run before manufacturing was finished.

Working with these Athletes was great.  Other company’s should do this as well: just ask the best athletes in the sport what they want, and then just do it!

It was a great plan. So we decided to do it again.

Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming “Jurek Collection”.

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What is Scott Jurek Doing?

“We focus on something external to motivate us, but we need to remember that it’s the process of reaching for that prize—not the prize itself—that can bring us peace, and joy.” Eat & Run, p.177

We spoke with Scott Jurek while filming a Video (we’ll put it up soon!) Scott has been uncharacteristically at home this summer, enjoying cooking and running in the mountains, as he explains in this conversation.

Q – What kind of running have you been doing?

I’ve been getting up into the Indian Peaks Wilderness, and finally did the Buchannen/Pawnee Loop; I’ve done a bunch of runs up there, but this one is a classic 28 miler, with two big passes, 12,000′ high, that take you over to the other side of the Continental Divide then back again. It’s been a lot of fun.

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