It almost always starts as little more than a twinge. You’re shaking out the usual kinks in the first few minutes of an early morning run and you notice that one of those kinks takes longer to dissolve than all the others.  No matter, a couple hours later at the end of your outing, you’ve forgotten it even happened.  Except the next morning, maybe it never goes away completely.  You’re not forced to alter your stride—or your planned run, just yet—but now you’re carrying this twinge all the time.  Soon, it’s always in the background of your mind: you test it while jogging across the street to beat a speeding car, while ascending or descending a flight of stairs.  And then, a day or two later, you find that you are limping when you try to run, ignoring the pain hasn’t done anything to make it go away (duh!), and you’re finally confronted with the initial, anguished decison: maybe I should stop? Am I being weak or is this a legitimate reason to not run? Goddamnit, but I want to go to the top of the mountain… Continue reading

In the High Country Movie

“In the High Country” will be a new kind of mountain film featuring Anton Krupicka. Filmed and Produced by Joel Wolpert with the support of Ultimate Direction, this won’t be the usual running film – no “loneliness of the long distance runner” – “High Country” will take you where you’ve never been before.


Anton Krupicka’s running has evolved from roads to trails to mountains and now free-soloing. Filmed over one season, “In the High Country” is about living and running light and free.  The raw footage is terrific, is being edited now, and the film will be released in the Summer of 2013, with an approximate running time of 30 minutes.

Watch the Trailer Now –> 


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