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About Buzz Burrell: A bit of a trail running legend you could say, not just because of the grey hair and thousands of miles under his belt. The former record holder for the Colorado Trail and the John Muir Trail is known for his adventurous spirit as much as his endurance prowess. The Boulder, Colorado resident prides himself on running trails where no one has run before, and has explored places like Peru, Bolivia, Tibet with not much else than running shoes and of course his Ultimate Direction water bottle.  Buzz has recently taken on the job as Brand Director of Ultimate Direction. A Colorado based hydration gear company specializing in ultra running water bottles, belts and pack.

Buzz BurrellJoin us as we follow the progress of the brand and how Buzz impacts the company and the ultra running community.

Burrell’s experience is extensive. Before Ultimate Direction, he was owner of outdoor store Mountain Sports for thirteen years and manager of the La Sportiva Running Team. He also founded the Boulder Outdoor Coalition and the Boulder Trail Runners. Burrell is a published writer and photographer, public speaker and blogger. He won the Everest Award in 2006 at the Teva Mountain Games for excellence in trail running.

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5 thoughts on “Buzz Burrell Bio

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  2. I looked up “Boulder Trail Running” the other day and a picture of Buzz Burrell came up! Yeah Buzz!

  3. Why dont’t you have also ultrarunning women as your experts? Women have different demands for running belts etc.


    • Hi Sunny, We are working on getting a crew of female runners together to help with our women’s collection. We are looking for experts in the field, do you know any to nominate? We hope to roll out that program in the spring, stay tuned.

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