Hot Tip: Coming This Spring!

In one month the Signature Series will be released. This unique series of three hydration vests is being really well received.  And why not?  It was designed by three of the best ultrarunners in the world!  Retailers ordered the entire initial production run before manufacturing was finished.

Working with these Athletes was great.  Other company’s should do this as well: just ask the best athletes in the sport what they want, and then just do it!

It was a great plan. So we decided to do it again.

Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming “Jurek Collection”.

The Signature Series is the best hydration system for the longer outings. We needed something just as technically advanced for everyday distances. The Jurek Collection uses the same minimalist design ethic we learned creating the Series, with progressive styling, and Scott’s own very careful attention to details.

OK, enough shuck and jive, here they are:


A super-comfortable, adjustable, and lightweight strap system to carry one water bottle in your hand. That’s all. There is no extra pocket – Scott feels the weight of a bottle is enough for your arm – any more weight throws off your balance and your running form. A good observation – thanks Scott!


A new BELT 

Easily carry and quickly access everything else you need in this clever utility belt. This will work well in combination with the Handheld or by itself – an insightful way at looking at hydration systems, coming from an extremely experienced runner.


Two 10 oz bottles – Scott likes the way these carry better than one 20 oz bottle – and they allow water in one and sports drink in the other. The pocket is the same as the one on the Belt to complete this lightweight and versatile package.



Scott’s Signature Series Vest is the 4th piece in the Collection (the vest will be available in November).






Want to help us out? Post your suggested names for each of the three new pieces! (The Ultra Vest has already been named). We’ll select the final names, and if your suggestion is used, you will be sent the very first production model of the one (or all three) whose name you suggested.

To get you started, here are the theme’s we’ve thought of so far (we like using Scott’s own name in each model):


“The Jurek Handheld”; “The Jurek Belt”; “The Jurek Bottle Belt”

 Action Verbs

“The Jurek Grab”; “The Jurek Cinch”; “The Jurek Hydrate”


“The Jurek Sprint”; “The Jurek 10K”; “The Jurek Marathon”


“The Jurek Miwok”; “The Jurek Western States”; “The Jurek Hardrock”

Your suggestions very welcome!


  • The Waist Belt with bottle holders:  The Endure named by Andrew Brewer
  • The Belt: The Essential named by Deno Dean
  • The Handheld: The Grip named by Malcolm McLoughlin


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17 thoughts on “Hot Tip: Coming This Spring!

    • Jerker: pretty self explanatory
      Voyageur: His first ultra, where it all started
      Dusty: Just like Dusty, this has everything he needs on the longer runs

    • You could always replace SJ with Jurek or Scott or whatever version of his name you want to use, of course :). Looks like these will be some awesome products!

    • Hey Andrew- we choose your name “endure” for the waist pack with the water bottle. We’d love to send you a UD goodie. Please respond and we’ll work out a prize for ya!

  1. I’m not sure on names, but I really hope that you do a women-specific version of the ultra vest!

    • Hi Layna, We are working on getting a crew of female runners together to help us create a women’s collection (know any ladies to nominate?). Stay tuned, we hope to get that together sooner then later as we feel it is very important.

  2. The bottle- The Jurek “Run Long Handheld”
    The second belt- The Jurek “Indian Peaks” belt.
    The third belt- The Jurek ” Green Mountain” belt.

    • Also..The “Jurek Flatirons Endurance Belt”

      The “Jurek Indian Peaks Ultra Belt”

  3. I prefer minimal and basic names:
    Handheld – SJ/Scott/Jurek Hand
    Belt – SJ/Scott/Jurek Waist or Waist Light
    Bottle Belt – SJ/Scott/Jurek Waist 2 (Bottle) or Waist Ultra

  4. Jurek’s Ultra Collection or Jureks’s Ultimate Collection
    • Jureks Trail Bottle
    • Jurek’s Trail Belt
    • Jureks Trail Pack

  5. Good Comments – thank you! Now we have to decide – sometimes designing great products is easier than naming them!

    We will let you know the results next week.

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