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“In the High Country” will be a new kind of mountain film featuring Anton Krupicka. Filmed and Produced by Joel Wolpert with the support of Ultimate Direction, this won’t be the usual running film – no “loneliness of the long distance runner” – “High Country” will take you where you’ve never been before.


Anton Krupicka’s running has evolved from roads to trails to mountains and now free-soloing. Filmed over one season, “In the High Country” is about living and running light and free.  The raw footage is terrific, is being edited now, and the film will be released in the Summer of 2013, with an approximate running time of 30 minutes.

Watch the Trailer Now –> 


Joel is the only person who could have made this film.  He drove to Colorado from his home in West Virginia in his old station wagon, then without really trying to, matched Anton’s lifestyle – pre-dawn starts, high ridge traverses, exposed soling, ice cold river baths, then sleep in the back of the car – all while filming everything.

I first met Joel when I went up to show Anton a route on the Second Flatiron above Boulder that can be used to link all five Flatirons.  I didn’t want Joel to go … this is not casual terrain … the crux is 5.6, but is a tricky, blind traverse.  Joel was very calm and understanding when we discussed it at the car, which is a good sign, so I agreed we should all go up.  I did the exposed move, turned around to see how the guys were doing, and watched Joel follow it – using one hand – filming with the other.

It doesn’t matter what cool things you do – if a camera can’t get there, there is no film.  Joel is a fit and excellent climber – everywhere Anton went, the camera went.  This is going to be worth watching!


Filmed and Produced by Joel Wolpert

Made possible by Ultimate Direction, with additional support from , ,, and

‘Seeding’ by Tyler Keene
“Rim of the Well’ by Rim of the Well
Color Grading and Titles by Coat of Arms

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8 thoughts on “In the High Country Movie

  1. I cannot wait for this film. Anton Krupicka is somebody I would really love to share a conversation with.

  2. Hi, it was already said but we can’t wait for this. These movies are such inspiration that I usually need to take a break and go running. BUT, how is it going to be available? Is it going to be online? DVDs? If DVDs, is it going to be available outside the United States?

    Thanks for your reply,
    kind regards from Prague, Czech Republic :)

  3. Bought the movie on Vimeo last night…have watched it 5 times already. Lived in CO a few years back and ran and climbed many of those same trails…nowhere near as fast 😉

    Awesome movie…thanks for putting it together. Really inspiring running wise and just a great person overall!

    Curious…what is the song during the opening credits…I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


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