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Take Moment to Watch our UDXXX Anniversary Video

Take Moment to Watch our UDXXX Anniversary Video

Fueling the ambitions of ultra-marathoners, runners, and recreational walkers, Ultimate Direction designs and creates best in class hydration solutions to maximize performance wherever your two feet take you.


Water is the essential element for training, racing and performance, which is why we work hard to craft the best hydration products around. Continually improving upon our innovative products is something we are passionate about and has consistently delivered top of the line products. We draw our inspiration from you so that we can evolve with your wants and needs in order to construct the best hydration products you could ever dream of. Leaving the hard work to us gives you the opportunity to focus energy on what you are passionate about, achieving your goals!


Our mission is to provide the ultimate in high performance hydration for everyday athletes. We reengineer, reinvent, and redefine high performance hydration for everyday athletes.


It all began when UD founder, Bryce Thatcher, solved his hydration problems by taking matters into his own hands-crafting his first hydration pack on his mother’s sewing machine. Since 1985…


As Ultimate Direction strives for innovation and creating the best hydration products, we also strive to be socially responsible. Why? Because practicing responsible business eliminates waste, increases efficiency, enhances vendor relationships, and is the right thing to do.

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  1. I have a UD sports flask made in 1990 I got at a yard sale and was surprised to see that it was made in the U.S. I commented to my wife that our Country used to know how to make plastics but maybe not now that so many manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas.
    Congratulations on remaining in business. I will look closer at the Grind 12 when mountain biking season arrives here in Wenatchee, Wa. to use with my new to me Kona Caldera bike I recently purchased. As an avid motorcycle single track rider I’m excited to try some familiar trails from the seat of a mountain bike and have time to look around more and impact the forest less, probably see more wildlife as well.

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