Hardrock Preview

The tribe has gathered; the race starts at 6 am tomorrow.  Considering only 140 entrants are allowed (by Forest Service Permit), this event is remarkably impactfull on the sport of ultrarunning.  Here are some stray thoughts.

I walked up to Karl Meltzer, one of the best 100 milers ever, and who has the course record in one direction (Hardrock is a loop, which alternates direction).  He saw me coming, and before I could even say Hi, he put on a big grin and simply said, “I’m back”.

I knew what he meant.  100 miles (102 with a recent course change), with 33,992′ of elevation gain, and an average elevation of 11,186′ … well, is this “fun” … or what is it?  Karl has done it all … he doesn’t need to keep doing it … yet here he is, ready to go 24 non-stop hours in the high mountains … he completely bypassed any question I could possibly ask, about motivation, predictions, or anything, and just said, “I’m back”.

Here we are; let’s do it.

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