Scott Jurek Changes Sports!

Scott Jurek is “The Man” – other ultra runners consider him the king, the top of the heap. He won the Western States 100 seven times in a row – current winners acknowledge that will never be done again.

Now he has switched sports – Scott has taken that same commitment and intensity and applied it to the business of running.  He has written a book, helped develop a radical new hydration system, and is supporting the sport.  He is working hard to be as successful in the business of running as he was in competition.

Photo: Joseph Connoly/VegNews

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Ring of Bells

The Four Passes Loop (nicer name: “Ring of Bells”), is considered one of the best long trail runs in North America. Starting at 9,600′ at the postcard-perfect Maroon Lake above Aspen, this loop is almost exactly Marathon distance, and transects the Maroon Bells/Snowmass Wilderness Area while going over four big passes, each over 12,400′. The scenery is amazing. There are no signs of civilization; only a runnable single track trail.

There are two ideal times to do it:

1) Late July, when the entire route is blooming with wildflowers; or,

2) The third week in September, at the height of the changing Aspen colors.

We choose #2!

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Hardrock Finish!

“Where did you find those people!?”

Peter Bakwin asked me that in amazement at this year’s Hardrock 100.

We had been standing outside Registration, as runners marveled at the Signature Series prototypes – “You guys absolutely crushed it!” was a common comment – while Peter himself was marveling at the incredible team that had converted his, Scott, and Anton’s ideas into actual products. “It seems everyone working on this is a real runner and actually use the gear themselves”, he said, adding, “And that really shows”.

Eric Payne is one of the Team. If you call Ultimate Direction (800.426.7229) you will be routed to him.  He ran the Hardrock 100 this year, finishing his first try with both a fine 59th place and a smile on his face.  We asked Eric what was up.

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