Travis Macy’s Book “The Ultra Mindset” Hits Shelves Today!

Travis Macy's Book- The Ultra Mindset

Travis Macy’s Book- The Ultra Mindset

As if being a successful ultrarunner, adventure racer, cyclist, coach, and teacher weren’t enough, UD Ambassador Travis Macy recently added the title of “author” to his resume.  The Colorado native, most famously known for his Leadman win, has spent years competing as an elite athlete around the globe while still balancing responsibilities as a husband, father, and busy academic professional.  Until this point, it’s been a mystery how one man could balance it all, but for our benefit, Macy has boiled down his recipe for success into eight simple principles, outlined in his new book, “The Ultra Mindset.” For a sneak peak at one of the chapters or to enter the Ultra Mindset ULTRA GIVEAWAY (which includes race entries and great prizes from UD and others), click HERE.

So what exactly is the Ultra Mindset?  According to Macy, it’s a set of “principles for daily life that are neither mysterious nor the sole province of ascetics or elite athletes: embrace fear, rewrite stories we tell ourselves, and master the art of seeking help, among others.”  Holding a Masters of Education degree and spending years as a teacher, independent college counselor, and coach, Macy has undeniable credibility in identifying, encouraging, and implementing goal-centric behaviors in his life and in the lives of others. In his 2013 TEDxYouth presentation, Macy delivers a speech on the principles that would later become the foundation of his book.

Travis Macy during the Georgia Death Race

Travis Macy during the Georgia Death Race

The Ultra Mindset principles address universal themes such as following through with your commitments (Mindset 6: The 4:30a.m. Rule: When you have no choice, anything is possible), emulating individuals who you respect (Mindset 2: Be a wannabe), having confidence in yourself (Mindset 4: Have an ego and use it- until it’s time to put your ego aside), and following intrinsic and extrinsic motivation (Mindset 3: Find your carrot).  They are versatile enough that they can be applied to goals in nearly any area of life.  His approach for writing the book is unique in that it comes from his extensive background in endurance racing.  As Travis has stated though, “races are microcosms of life with lots of highs and lows,” and in following his principles, you can learn how to successfully navigate those inevitable ups and downs too to achieve a life that’s balanced and fulfilling.

Travis Macy, taking first at the Leadman Race Series in 2013

Travis Macy, taking first at the Leadman Race Series in 2013

With short stories, opportunities for self reflection,  suggestions for physical activities, and case studies in each chapter, the book’s filled with fun, interesting, and useful content, making for a great read that can help you achieve your biggest goals in return.  As a man who leads by example, Macy has stated that, “by applying the ultra mindset principles to other areas of life, anyone can find success that otherwise would have been impossible,” and his extensive list of accomplishments is certainly a testament to the principles’ validity.  So regardless of your situation, if you’re aiming to achieve something bigger in life, pick up a copy of the book, and see how he and The Ultra Mindset can help!

To see how our other UD Ambassadors are also achieving their goals, make sure to swing by our site and check out the ambassadors’ blogs as well!

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