Adam Campbell joined the Ultimate Direction Ambassador Team officially this year but we have been friends and fans of his for a long time.

He has been touring the U.S. this spring behind his chilling and inspirational short film “In Constant Motion.”

Beautifully shot in British Columbia and the San Juan Mountains, the film follows Adam’s comeback from an alpine climbing fall that nearly ended his athletic career. His recovery was punctuated by a return to the Hardrock 100 where the toll it took was as emotional as it was physical.

Adam was in Boulder last week so we chatted for a few minutes to hear how he’s doing and where he’s going from here.

The video also includes a sneak peek of the SCRAM pack (available spring 2019)!

Video Highlights:

  • The “fall”
  • The story behind the lightning strike
  • What is the SCRAM pack?
  • Next challenges and projects


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Get before it’s gone for good.

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