Listen in as Anna Frost talks motherhood & celebrating our own running victories

We all have our own reasons to run, our own challenges in life and our own hurdles to jump. Sometimes, people talk to their friends and family about the hard times to help find solutions. But sometimes they say nothing and try to go on, day to day, hiding these struggles. It is, therefore, so important that we always choose to be kind and compassionate. To show support for others and give grace to ourselves.

Differences make us unique and make this world we live in interesting. While one person might be training to win their next 100 mile race, another person might be trying to make it round their block without having to stop running to walk. Both are great. Both are valid. Both are huge achievements.

It is hard in these times of such powerful social media connections to not compare ourselves to all those ‘amazing influencers’. But that will not serve us. We can look, we can become motivated, but at the point when we feel negative thoughts about our own trail, our pathway in life, we should stop, look at own 2 feet, be grateful for where they will take you and give yourself space for a path easier walked.

By Anna Frost

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