Going to the dogs! Why not outfit your dog with a pack that carries well and matches your Ultimate Direction running vest. Make them carry their own snacks and a few of yours.

We always thought a vest for your fury trail buddy would be fun but we had no idea ya’ll would love it so much. The initial response on social media has been wild, I mean we should have known based on all the photos of folks running with their dogs but wowza! We keep asking ourselves why we didn’t design this earlier? Whelp – the truth is that is wasn’t all that easy, as their are sooooo many various shapes and sizes of mutts out there. So we did our homework and our team was quick to bring in their dogs (and their friends dogs) for fittings and testings making it a true R&D project. We came up with a highly adjustable style with 3 different sizes. As our office dogs range from Great Danes to scruffy lap dogs.  Thanks for all the comments and feedback. Seems our fury trail friends have been in need of this. “Finally they can carry their own Poo off the trail!”