Kelly Wolf talks inner strength and embracing our unique gifts with self-confidence

Confidence is knowing that everything you need is inside of you. Confidence is believing in your power, your harnessed strength, and your unique abilities. It is trusting that your dedicated work prepared you for the challenge ahead and to share your value with the world.

Even if you did not grow up wishing to be a princess, I think we can all take inspiration in striving to live like a Queen. A Queen’s confidence is apparent and obvious, she holds her chin up high knowing her unique powers. She radiates while sharing her gifts, and in doing so she lifts up those around her. She has clear objectives and sees a future which she relentlessly pursues.

She is inspired by success and honors others for it, rather than feeling threatened. She demands respect and ignores fools since she respects herself first and foremost.

Being a Queen of Confidence is a state of mind, it is a position from which to navigate the world and endure through the challenges we seek. Challenges, in their nature can be intimidating: attempting an ultramarathon distance for the first time, getting to the trailhead of a big mountain, lining up amongst a competitive women’s field, sitting down for the interview of a new job, starting a business.

Our mind may really be the only limiting factor.

I believe in the power of our own mental fortitude. The only way to give ourselves a chance is to believe. We must believe we can do anything to which we set our mind, knowing we have the tools inside and the persistence to stay the course. If we do not believe in ourselves, no amount of preparation will make up for this fact. If we do not believe in ourselves, no one else will either. To pursue the future you envision, put on your crown as your secret weapon.

When the challenge gets tough, our self-confidence will be tested. Any glimmer of doubt we let creep in can crumble our dreams. The Queen of Confidence, though, knows her strengths and calls upon her hardening experiences. She is simultaneously aware of her weaknesses, yet she does not let them swallow her. Instead she uses them to her future advantage, realizing the exact ways which she desires growth.

Confidence means knowing herself. It does not mean she can do no wrong. She will surely falter at many things. But her confidence tells her that she only gets stronger with stress because it forces new adaptation. Confidence tells her that reflecting upon failures is a necessary part of the process in order to achieve her potential. If she wants to conquer great things, she is going to discover shortcomings. The harder the journey, the sweeter the victory.

She knows that with opportunity comes work and that great goals take greater dedication. She does not shy away from challenges because of the possibility of failure. Instead, she is excited to put herself to the test, to learn how strong she has built her foundation. If she finds cracks, she will build a stronger castle that will fare better next time. She sees the potential of her own being, body and mind, and everything she has to offer to the world. She lives in a world of limitless possibilities. She knows she has the potential for anything to which she sets her mind.

Kelly Wolf – PC David Chew

Finally, self-confidence is contagious as it strengthens the empire of females around her. Each successive triumph elevates the possibilities for all others and inspires her community to new heights. A Queen carries a lifted chin in order for her crown to reach toward the limitless sky. When you are confident in your being, you have no limits. To have no limits, be a QUEEN OF CONFIDENCE.

By Kelly Wolf

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