Among our ambassadors, Anna Frost is joining people like Jenny Jurek, Emma Roca, Tara Warren, Jessie Young and Michelle Yates in becoming a professional athlete with kids. A hallmark of Anna’s career has been her willingness to race and travel almost constantly. So how does a person used to the flexibility of taking off on a whim and being concerned firstly with their own health and goals juggle this new responsibility? Anna kindly answered some questions about how being pregnant has affected her life – personally and athletically – as she enters her third trimester. 

UD: How far along is your pregnancy?

FROSTY: I am now just over 6 months and into the third and final trimester.

Anna Frost

Anna and husband Ron

UD: How has being pregnant affected you as a professional athlete; has your self-image changed?

FROSTY: For some people, yes, I’m sure my image has changed as I am not racing professionally/international right now. But for me and many others, I am still me, I am still sponsored professionally by Merrell and I will still continue to follow my passions of travel and running throughout the pregnancy and when she is born.

I don’t think you have to be racing to win to still be involved, interested and part of the sport. That is why it is so great. I am sure I will compete again but for now I am really enjoying the journey of experiencing this new and wonderful thing of pregnancy.

UD: What are two pieces of advice you have for other women who want to continue running while pregnant?

FROSTY: You really have to listen to your own body. It and the baby will tell you when things don’t feel right anymore.

Using the UD Utility Belt has really helped me with stability of my pelvis and the bouncing of the baby especially when she was smaller.

There is a lot of “fake” and unrealistic information out there so find people who are real to learn from.

Anna Frost

UD: I remember seeing Jenny Jurek often last winter using the elliptical at our local climbing gym while she was pregnant with Evergreen; have you found other activities to stay healthy in body and mind?

FROSTY: Yes. A lot. I go to the gym for strength and weight classes, cross trainers, yoga, hill and beach walking, SUP boarding, biking and swimming (I haven’t felt good in the pool but I know a lot of women love it).

It is totally ok to not run if it doesn’t feel good.

It isn’t really that long without it in the larger scheme of life.

UD: What has been the one most challenging aspect of being pregnant and the one most rewarding?

FROSTY: Tying my shoelaces and finding clothes to fit into as I grow bigger and bigger each day has been the most challenging.

The most rewarding aspect of the pregnancy has been how I’ve become so in tune to my body; this allows me to make good calls about exercise/or to not exercise early. I have loved the journey of being pregnant so far. It is intriguing just how much the body can adapt, change and grow.

Anna Frost