I have always enjoyed the idea of developing and testing product. We wear it for so many miles, day after day. We want it to be right. To feel ‘that’ rub or the need for a pocket bigger, smaller, higher, etc. But this hasn’t been the usual year of product use and testing for me.

We have a firecracker of a baby. She doesn’t really sleep much and therefore neither do I. From a slow recovery after her birth as well as major witching hours long into the night, I finally found some motivation, time and energy to run again.


I felt weak and so unfit but each day was getting better and better…until it wasn’t. I got fatigued, my milk supply was drying up, I couldn’t eat enough to keep my muscles healthy, I was feeling anxious, I couldn’t keep that up, so I took a break from running, again.

So instead, every day I walk with Skylar in a backpack or the stroller. She is getting heavy now and I feel my muscles getting long and strong. I get a great sense of calm being able to take her into the mountains slowly, listening to new noises, smelling new flowers and touching new trees and air.

This is how different my product use is: I use the FK Trekking Poles for when I have gone up technical or slippery terrain with Skylar on my back to help me on the way back down, I use the Ultra Flip Gloves for pushing the buggy on windy cold mornings, the All Mountain pack travelled well through the airports as my diaper/nappy bag and my favorite piece of gear that I have used so often, first to hold in my baby bump and second to hold in the vulnerable scar and jiggles has been the Utility Belt.

My husband uses the Mountain Vest 4.0 as a diaper/nappy bag as its great for keeping the milk bottles upright. Skylar loves to chew on the Body Bottle 500 cap and she is now getting some of her hydration from drinking water out of them.

As a family we have adjusted to this new way. Our expectations are different, we still yearn for adventure and exploration and we try everyday to make that our priority. An adventure for Skylar could be as simple as touching the snow, or playing in the sand, looking at the mountains, riding on a bike or crawling across the grass.

I have started daydreaming of some projects.

No longer do I crave 60-hour missions like Nolan’s or racing mountainous 100 milers (not right now anyway) but what intrigues me is fastpacking with Skylar through National Parks and National Trails, taking 4-5 days to do what I would usually do in one long day. There is going to be a lot of trial and error with what I need (and don’t need) and I love that she is my new teacher in patience, awareness, adventure and love.