We brought together a group of talented female runners, both professional and casual runners that we paired with runner and lead designer Jenny Jurek (Yes, Scott Jurek’s wife is a talented designer) to create a line of products that are designed specifically for female athletes, by female athletes. After months of brainstorming, patterning, testing, ¬†tweaking and several “jump photos’ we are excited to see it come to life. In a few weeks we will present the power of this collective in the Jenny Collection. Four products specifically designed to fit perfectly, perform flawlessly, and amplify your drive to the finish line. Take a look for yourself.¬†

The Women's Collective

Jumping into product testing for the new Jenny Collection

We’d like to not only THANK Jenny Jurek but all the gals involved, everyone contributed to the final product and we can’t wait to share it with you all!!

Erin Doubleday

Deanne Buck

Susan Evans

Marily MacDonald

Emily Averbeck

Stephanie Ehret

Michele Yates

Kristi Anderson

Amanda Charles

Preview of the Jenny Jurek women’s running gear collection –>