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In late October 2001 I was on I-70 driving east through the Eisenhower Tunnels with three fellow Colorado College freshmen. Our destination that evening was the Grays and Torreys trailhead, just a few miles down the hill (they would become only my 2nd and 3rd 14ers the next day; I’d been living in Colorado for all of two months), but as we emerged from the tunnel and glanced to our right, the driver immediately exited the freeway and careened into the Loveland Ski Area parking lot. One lift was running, two runs were open (due to copious manufactured snow), the cost was free (seriously, who would charge for less than an hour of artificial snice?) and the bed of our truck just happened to be lined with approximately half a dozen pairs of skis because, Colorado.

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Tag Your Retro UD Photos #UDXXX

To celebrate our 30th we want to kick off ~The Retro UD Gear Photo Contest~
Post a photo in the comments below or on Facebook of your old, retro, vintage, or well-loved UD gear to be featured in our weekly #TBT #UDXXX post and for a chance to WIN a UD Prize Package. See the entries so far on Facebook and Instagram under the hashtag #UDXXX


TA SI SOBO: Adventures in Middle Earth

On a crisp early fall day Stephanie said, “Let’s go someplace warm this winter and do a long hike.” This seemed like a good idea, but didn’t take root until a while later when I got the flu for 2 weeks, giving me nothing to do but dig into the details of a trip plan. I could think of only one thing that interested me: traversing New Zealand’s South Island via the Te Araroa (Maori for “The Long Pathway”). This route, which was finally linked only in 2011, runs the length of both islands, but we didn’t have time for the full 3000 km. The 1300 km (800 miles) of the TA on the SI would be most suited to our tastes: rugged, remote, and wild.

“TA SI SOBO” was born: “Te Araroa, South Island, SouthBound” (Thru-hikers are as efficient with their jargon as they are with their hiking!)

Te Araroa

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UDXXX = 30th Anniversary

2015 marks our 30th year of making hydration products for the self propelled athlete, hence the UDXXX theme! We are really excited about this year and have a lot of new and innovative ideas percolating. Stay tuned for a year full of celebrating where we’ve been and also where we are headed.

Take Moment to Watch our UDXXX Anniversary Video

Take Moment to Watch our UDXXX Anniversary Video

If you have memories of using UD products or photos from “back in the day” we’d love you to share them. We’ll be using the hashtag #UDXXX  via Instagram and Twitter over the next year to call out fun retro photos, memories and historical UD facts.