Scott Returns Home

Boulder’s own Scott Jurek has, after traveling for more than two months, finally returned home. We are thankful to see that he made it through with minimal injuries and that he is making a solid recovery. We are still in awe of his accomplishments and are honored to have been a part of his “masterpiece”. We thank all the supporters, whether you were following remotely, or were one of the many people who directly supported him on the trail. As Scott remarks, it was immeasurably helpful to both him and Jenny to have the support. Scott and Jenny, we look forward to seeing you sometime soon!


Photo: Luis Escobar

Photo: Luis Escobar Scott crosses a river by headlamp, wearing a prototype UD vest. His 2,200 miles worth of input will help make this vest one of our best ones yet in 2016.

Photo: Luis Escobar

Scott powers through the forest, reaching for a UD Body Bottle Plus to rehydrate. Photo: Luis Escobar

Photo Luis Escobar

Photo: Luis Escobar

UD Athletes Establishing New FKTs

As FKTs gain more and more recognition in the sport of trail/mountain/ultra running, bigger, tougher, and faster routes are being established. The sky is the limit for the FKTs we have witnessed recently. The UD Team is proud to have some athletes that are creating and completing incredible routes.

Scott Jurek

Scott stands within view of Mt. Katahdin, the last climb of the Appalachian Trail.

Scott stands within view of Mt. Katahdin, the last climb of the Appalachian Trail.

Scott completed his “masterpiece,” a nearly 2,200 mile quest on the Appalachian trail, spanning from Georgia to Maine in 46 days, eight hours and eight minutes on Sunday, July 12, surpassing the previous record by just over 3 hours. Check out Scott’s Signature Series of UD products, complete with our best-selling Ultra Vest.

Justin Simoni

Justin Simoni lets out a victory cry after conquering all of Colorado's 14ers on the Tour 14er. He is pictured wearing the Fastpack 30.

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Auburn Ski Club Trail Races


UD is excited to support these California trail races!

The Squaw Mountain run takes place on August 1st and is a point-to-point 3.6 mile run with 2000′ feet of elevation gain. Runners start at Squaw Valley and wind up at High Camp, where they are greeted with extensive views of the beautiful California landscape, prizes, raffles, refreshments, and drinks.

The Sierra Crest 30k and 50k runs take place on August 8th. Both are point-to-point runs and traverse through mountains, dirt, rock, and forests. The races have between 3500-4600 feet of gain, enough to make them  challenging yet achievable. Finishers receive food and drinks after crossing the line!

Check out for all the info!

Hardrock 100: A Photo Recap

Ultimate Direction had another great year at the Hardrock 100. We were glad to share a gathering with the athletes at our house in Silverton a couple of nights before the race. It was well attended by both first time Hardrockers and veteran Hardrockers. The chips, salsa, and drinks were complete with stories of past races, and the Hardrock family catching up about the past year of racing and events. We released our new limited edition Hardrocker Vest and were so excited to see people wearing it out on the course!

The UD HQ for the week.

The UD HQ for the week.

After the race started on Friday, UD drove over to Grouse Gulch aid station to begin a hike up to Handie’s Peak to do race coverage and photos. The five mile hike was accompanied by about 2,500 feet of gain. To keep things interesting, the weather took quite a turn at the base of Handies. The temperature took a fast drop, and snow and wind rolled in for about half an hour. Luckily, the Fastpack 20 held extra jackets and tights in case we ran in to this scenario.

Handies Peak from across the valley, @13,000

Handie’s Peak from across the valley, @13,000

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Scott Jurek Breaks Appalachian Trail FKT


Legendary ultrarunner Scott Jurek has completed his “masterpiece”. After 46 days, 8 hours, 7 minutes Scott emerged from the One Hundred Mile Wilderness, and took his final step on the Appalachian Trail, arriving at the northern terminus at Mt. Katahdin in Maine. Ultimate Direction joins the rest of the followers of Scott’s remarkable journey in sending him a huge congratulations! Scott’s efforts and resilience were matched by his wife and crew Jenny who worked tirelessly to ensure his success.


Scott tops out Mt. Katahdin, just miles from the end of his journey.

Scott tops out Mt. Katahdin, just miles from the end of his journey. Photo: Luis Escobar

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Hardrock 100: Who to Watch

Hardrock. The name speaks volumes about this race. Tough, rugged, and remote, this race is a defining moment in the career of any ultra runner. Held annually in early July in the mountain town of Silverton, CO, world class athletes from around the globe and their crew can easily double the small town population of roughly 600 residents. The town starts shaping into an ultra runner Mecca sometime in mid June as competitors arrive to scout the course and get acclimated for 14er Handies Peak, as well as the massive, exposed high country that averages 11,000′ for the entirety of the course.

Hardrock began in 1992 and had 18 finishers. David Horton and Nancy Hamilton were the first finishers of the race with times of 32:34 and 45:47, respectively. Twenty two years later, Hardrock boasts iconic performances, as well as stories of perseverance, grit, and resilience. Kilian Jornet and Diana Finkel now hold the course records of 22:41:43 and 27:18:24.

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