Ultimate Direction – Dirty 30 Race Will Be June 4th 2016!

Meandering single-track through groves of aspen, green meadows and thick pine forests. Rocky ridges provide majestic views of snow-capped mountains. Golden Gate State Park shows off the BEST Colorado has to offer!

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There is a 12 miler and a 50 km, so no matter your distance there is something for everyone. Registration opens January 30th.  This race sells out – so sign up soon! Amazing prizes, incredible trails, live music, yummy food and of course beer! Make it your premier ultra race or come back to set a new PR! Either way we hope to see ya on the trail! Stay tuned for events leading up to the race and tips and tricks to having your best race ever! Cheers to many smiles and miles.


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Kissing the Rock – A Hardrock Story by Matt Trappe

The hardrock miners of Colorado experienced adversity on another level through the hardships they faced in the San Juan Mountains. When the mines closed and the jobs dried up the town of Silverton was in search of a new identity.

The Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run epitomizes the community aspect of mountain running perhaps due to the grueling nature of the course and the adversity the runners face. The mentality of everyone vs. the mountain exists especially at Hardrock. Friends and runners gather each July in Silverton and a town is reborn.

Matt Trappe came to UD last summer and had an idea to capture the story of Silverton, we love the town and the race and said YES – lets make a film. He has worked super hard to create a beautiful film we are happy to share. Watch the Trailer: https://youtu.be/u9Q3_beydfs


  • March 24 – Flatirons Running Company – Boulder, CO
  • April 2 – Twin Cities Running Company – Minneapolis, MN
  • April 3 – Alamo Drafthouse – Denver, CO
  • April 9 – Marathon Sports – Plymouth, MA (benefiting the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
  • April 15 – US National Whitewater Center – Charlotte, NC
  • April 21 – iRun – Phoenix, AZ
  • April 22 – San Francisco Running Company – Mill Valley, CA
  • April 23 – Seven Hills Running Shop – Seattle, WA
  • May 13 – Evolution Healthcare & Fitness – Portland, OR
  • July 13 – Hardrock 100 – Silverton, CO

Kissing The Rock A production by Matt Trappe Photo & Film
In association with Louder than 11
Edited by Matt Trappe Louder than 11
Additional Editing by Jess Carfield
Score by Fizzix Productions
Post Produced by Louder than 11
Produced and Directed by Matt Trappe

Film made possible with support from Ultimate Direction, Hoka One One, Clif Bar, Feetures! and Competitor Magazine.

About Matt Trappe: http://www.trappephoto.com/about/

Silvertron Depot - Matt Trappe Photography

Silverton Depot – Matt Trappe Photography

Silverton - Matt Trappe Photography

Silverton – Matt Trappe Photography

UDXXX = 30th Anniversary

2015 marks our 30th year of making hydration products for the self propelled athlete, hence the UDXXX theme! We are really excited about this year and have a lot of new and innovative ideas percolating. Stay tuned for a year full of celebrating where we’ve been and also where we are headed.

Take Moment to Watch our UDXXX Anniversary Video

Take Moment to Watch our UDXXX Anniversary Video

If you have memories of using UD products or photos from “back in the day” we’d love you to share them. We’ll be using the hashtag #UDXXX  via Instagram and Twitter over the next year to call out fun retro photos, memories and historical UD facts.




From New Zealand – Team UD Wins Motatapu Adventure Run

Grant Guise from New Zealand is our Guest Blogger this month – here’s his report.

The inaugural Motatapu event was held in 2005, with marathon and mountain bike options, and attracted around 1000 competitors. Fast forward 10 years and the event has over 3700 people taking part in over 5 different events – the original marathon and mountain bike, an Xterra Tri race, the 15km “Miners” trail running race and the “Adventure Run”.

New Zealand Landscape for Ultra Running Race

New Zealand Landscape is Unreal! Photo Chredit: Jim Pollard

The Adventure Run tackles the true high country, traversing steep country, rough animal tracks and often no track at all, for 49km with over 3100m of ascent.  If the terrain was not unique enough, it’s also a team race, where you must race with your teammate for the duration, side by side.

New Zealand Running Trails

Motatapu Trail. Photo Credit: Jim Pollard


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Meet Our Adventure Running Ambassadors

We’ve put together a crew of runners from all over the country to help us test and represent Ultimate Direction. We are proud to have these talented ambassadors on board and want to wish them a great season of racing and adventuring. Keep an eye out for them on the trails!  We’d like to introduce you to the class of 2014 –>

Ultimate Direction Ambassadors Team

Ultimate Direction Ambassadors Team

Find us on Instagram @UDHydrates


Deanne Buck Shares – A Member Of The Women’s Collective

Deanne Buck is the Executive Director of the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition and was apart of the UD Women’s Collective that helped design and test the new Jenny Collection.  We got to sit down and ask her a few questions about the experience.

Deanne Buck - Avid Runner. Member of the UD Women's Collective

Deanne Buck – Avid Runner. Member of the UD Women’s Collective

How long have you been into running?

I started running when I was 4- playing kick the can with my neighborhood friends. I stopped running for about 10 years in my teens and early 20’s and started back up when I was 22 years old- over half my life time ago. . .ummm, did I just paint myself in a corner?

 What is your sweet spot for weekly distance?

Sweet spot is anywhere from 25 miles – 40 miles depending on how I am feeling, time of year, and what else is going on in my life. My sweetest runs these days are out my back door (which abuts National Forest land and trails) with my 15 year-old running companion, Sequoia (dog).

How did you enjoy being apart of the UD women’s collective to create the Jenny Collection?

On many runs, I dream of designing the perfect product, one that meets my every needs. Being a part of the Jenny Collection allowed me to live out that fantasy. I felt like queen for a day.

Now that the products are actually ready for the public which piece would you recommend most? The Handy 10oz is great for everyday use.

Working on UD designs

Working on UD hydration designs.

Now that you’ve gotten to see the “insides” of the design and development process what was the most eye opening part of it?

The thoughtfulness that went into every aspect of the final product.

 Where was the last place you ran that really made you go WOW?

I live at 8,200 feet and have trails and mountains out my backyard. Pretty much every run is a WOW run for me. . . and, it is not lost on me on how lucky I am.

What is your post race/run treat?

Sushi – a complete food: rice, tuna, seaweed, and wasabi.

Prodcut Testing the Women's Collective

The Women’s Collective Product Testing!  Susan, Jenny, Deanne, Marily, Elizabeth and Michelle.

Shop the whole Jenny Collection!

Michele Yates – Gives Her All, All The Time

Michele Yates was one of the first gals we wanted to be apart of our women’s collective. Over a year ago we asked her to help us out with brainstorming, fit reviews and product testing  – and she jumped right in!

Michelle gives her feedback on the fit and function of the vesta to Jenny Jurek

Jenny Jurek and Michele going over the fit and features of the Ultra Vesta

She was super keen to help out and always showed up early to check out our most current proto-types and give input on the new line of women’s products that Jenny Jurek has been putting together.  Michele’s input was key to creating the new Ultra Vesta as Michele has/is putting in the miles.

She stepped into the Ultra Running world from personal training and a marathon background – an 2x Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier might we add – which might explain her 3x National Champion in the ultra trail events. We are excited that she is on board and her feedback has been tremendous. Recently she crossed the finish line 1st in the USATF 50K Trail Championships in Bootlegger Canyon in Boulder City, NV, on Nov. 8. She happened to be wearing the most current sample of the Ultra Vesta. Yeah Girl!!!

Michelle Yates winning in her Ultra Vesta

Michele Yates winning in her Ultra Vesta


Michelle giving feedback on the early rounds of the Ultra Vesta

Michele giving feedback on the early rounds of the Ultra Vesta

The group of gals who made up the Women’s Collective ranged from professionals like Michele to casual everyday joggers (stay tuned for more updated on each of the ladies involved). It was great to have a broad range of users to get feedback from. Michele brought great technical feedback from a racers perspective.  We tweaked several things to make this vest perfect for racing and training. The final Ultra Vesta will be available by the end of the year.  Learn more about the Ultra Vesta. 

A few fun facts about Michele:

1.January 1/12/13 Bandera 100k USA 100k Trail Champs 1st Female 10:08:48

2. March 3/2/13 Nueces 50 Mile USA 50 Mile Champs 1st Female 4th Overall (NCR) New Course Record 6:53:25

3. April 4/21/13 Indiana Trail 100 mile 1st Female and 1st Overall 17:35 NCR

4. World Championships IAU July 2013 103rd place-injured but helped USA score for the first time ever as a team

5. September 9/14/13 Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile 1st Female 7th Overall 20:16:54 NCR

6. UROC 100k 9/28/2013 3rd Female 19th Overall 12:46:24

Watch Michele’s interview from her win at Run Rabbit run with Bryon from iRunFar

Run Rabbit Run 100 K Race that Michelle Yates Won

Michele looking strong in the Run Rabbit Run 100 – That she took 1st in!

Read more about Michele’s pre-race preparation and training on her blog –>  DREAM LIVE RUN 

The Girls Up Front

Bottles up front? As a women you may be thinking…..hmmm what about my girls?

Marily testing the prototype UD vest At first glance looking at the new designs of the UD hydration vests a female might raise an eyebrow as to how it will fit over one’s ta ta’s. Well, we thought the same thing and have designed it to accommodate many body types. Lots of runner gals of all shapes and sizes have tested out the new “bottles up” front design.

From a range of women (cups sizes ranging from A-D) we’ve found that the design has great comfort. As the saying goes lift and separate, the vest sits just outside the girls and a bit above them. With the multiple unisex sizing, one can choose how they want the vest to be positioned. Erin testing out the vestWhen running a women usually wears a sports bra so that “everything” is secure which helps the vest lay over the area quite nicely. Wearing a vest for anyone can be an adjustment, but the bottles up front provide easy access and us chicas are not excluded!

Marily and Erin discuss product details







Marily head up the Picture Rock Trail head to test out the vestMarily MacDonald, the Ecom Coordinator for UD has taken the vest out on several trail runs on a pretty rocky and rough trails. She found at first it was a little awkward but after a mile or so she was oblivious to the vest and grateful for the water and storage space the vest provided without the bulk. “The vest was so lightweight and sat high enough on my chest to be out of the way of my arms and it really didn’t hinder my movement a all.”

The lead designer on the packs, Erin Doubleday has added in her concerns and made each vest micro-adjustable for a custom fit; be it for a barrel chested man, a wiry ultra runner or a busty gal the vest are designed to fit an array of body types. “I prefer running with the 10oz UD bottles. I feel they fit my body much better than traditional round bottles. Ideally you balance the vest weight from front to back so carrying a flexible container of water in the back pocket means I don’t have to cary any less water than the guy next to me. This also maintains your balanced biomechanics and keep you at your same race speed.”  If you do find the bottles sloshing to much for you or the bottles not quite fitting the way you like, the narrower shaped 10oz UD bottles make for a great alternative.These bottles are narrower, a bit smaller and curved so they sit closer to the body.

Stay tuned for more updates on the product testing and the Ultra Vests!

Erin Doubleday lead UD Pack DesignerErin Doubleday: UD Designer. Colorado Native. Office Dog Sitter. Avid Runner. Climber. Artist. Lives and Breaths Gear. (cup size 34 C)




Marily MacDonald UD Ecom Web CoordinatorMarily MacDonald: UD Ecom Web Coordinator. Colorado Native. Triathlete. Horsewomen. Mtn Biker. Water Skier. Gear Tester. (cup size 36 B)

Excerpt from Running Times; ‘Trail Magic” by Buzz Burrell

“We arrived 35 minutes before the start of the race; perfect timing. I got out of the car, and told my friend, “Make sure you leave it unlocked; I’m going to warm up a bit, then come back here and drop my sweats”. We were at the Moab Red Hot, a point-point trail race; she was going to drive the car around and meet me at the finish. The 55k started, and since trail races aren’t like big city marathons, I could see and even speak briefly with my friends, as they trotted away from the parking lot, up into the amazing slick rock country, up into another world. My race, the 33k, was going to start 30 minutes after the 55k. I jogged around another 10 minutes, then went back to the car.

Except it wasn’t there.

My friend apparently did not know there were two races with two start times; figured the race had started, she drove off. Hmm. You know how before a race you get everything you need laid out, exactly, perfectly, down to the last little detail? Well, I had done that, and it was all right there in the car, which was no longer here.

Not good. But after the reality sunk in, I actually wasn’t that disturbed. This wasn’t like the time I was car camping alone in winter, got up at Midnight to relieve myself, and while standing naked in the snow, accidentally locked myself out of the car. This wasn’t like the time I was alone in Kathmandu, and leaving my pack unattended while taking a shower, was robbed of every last rupee. This wasn’t like the time I went for a run on the beach in Costa Rica, and coming back to the car, found it broken into and my passport and money gone.

Well, this was sort of like that last one, but regardless, it was probably better that this happened to me than to someone else. Because with 10 minutes before the race start, I engaged my inestimable charm and good looks – or maybe trail runners are just really nice people – and borrowed one gel, obtained some Vitamin I (Ibuprofen), and stashed my warm-ups in a friends drop-bag.

And with that, we were off. I was the only one not carrying a waist pack – i.e., no water – but I really feel at home in the desert, so it was OK.  Those who want perfect order better stick to the roads.”  Read the rest of the story at RunningTimes.com