The Girls Up Front

Bottles up front? As a women you may be thinking…..hmmm what about my girls?

Marily testing the prototype UD vest At first glance looking at the new designs of the UD hydration vests a female might raise an eyebrow as to how it will fit over one’s ta ta’s. Well, we thought the same thing and have designed it to accommodate many body types. Lots of runner gals of all shapes and sizes have tested out the new “bottles up” front design.

From a range of women (cups sizes ranging from A-D) we’ve found that the design has great comfort. As the saying goes lift and separate, the vest sits just outside the girls and a bit above them. With the multiple unisex sizing, one can choose how they want the vest to be positioned. Erin testing out the vestWhen running a women usually wears a sports bra so that “everything” is secure which helps the vest lay over the area quite nicely. Wearing a vest for anyone can be an adjustment, but the bottles up front provide easy access and us chicas are not excluded!

Marily and Erin discuss product details







Marily head up the Picture Rock Trail head to test out the vestMarily MacDonald, the Ecom Coordinator for UD has taken the vest out on several trail runs on a pretty rocky and rough trails. She found at first it was a little awkward but after a mile or so she was oblivious to the vest and grateful for the water and storage space the vest provided without the bulk. “The vest was so lightweight and sat high enough on my chest to be out of the way of my arms and it really didn’t hinder my movement a all.”

The lead designer on the packs, Erin Doubleday has added in her concerns and made each vest micro-adjustable for a custom fit; be it for a barrel chested man, a wiry ultra runner or a busty gal the vest are designed to fit an array of body types. “I prefer running with the 10oz UD bottles. I feel they fit my body much better than traditional round bottles. Ideally you balance the vest weight from front to back so carrying a flexible container of water in the back pocket means I don’t have to cary any less water than the guy next to me. This also maintains your balanced biomechanics and keep you at your same race speed.”  If you do find the bottles sloshing to much for you or the bottles not quite fitting the way you like, the narrower shaped 10oz UD bottles make for a great alternative.These bottles are narrower, a bit smaller and curved so they sit closer to the body.

Stay tuned for more updates on the product testing and the Ultra Vests!

Erin Doubleday lead UD Pack DesignerErin Doubleday: UD Designer. Colorado Native. Office Dog Sitter. Avid Runner. Climber. Artist. Lives and Breaths Gear. (cup size 34 C)




Marily MacDonald UD Ecom Web CoordinatorMarily MacDonald: UD Ecom Web Coordinator. Colorado Native. Triathlete. Horsewomen. Mtn Biker. Water Skier. Gear Tester. (cup size 36 B)

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5 thoughts on “The Girls Up Front

  1. When will this be available? I am counting the days! Not a fan go bladders but handhelds for hours is tough!

  2. I was very excited to hear that UD was working on a vest based on bottles instead of bladders, but after seeing the bottles upfront design, I’m disappointed. The bottle upfront design seems to eliminate access to any other items like gels, electrolyte capsules, etc. Putting the bottles on the lower back would have allowed access to hydration and those other items, and would have been a better design. As it is, I don’t see myself buying this vest because it seems to have limited value.

  3. Katie-the vest should be out in January.
    Dave- Thanks for the insight, have you checked out our other packs (Diablo)? We have several various configuration, some with bottles in the back and what not. We hope to find solutions for all sorts of running needs. The vests have tons of pockets for GU’s, bars, etc that are accessible while on the go. Stay tuned as we evolve our designs.

  4. Dave – there will be 3 different models and the model Peter is working on has some great storage options. You will not be at a loss for easy access to Gels, electrolyte capsules, lip balm, and gummy bears.

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