Krissy Moehl doesn’t stop. The ultrarunning icon is as busy as ever, running, traveling, racing and directing. This winter she trained diligently – usually with dog Piedra by her side – for China’s Gaoligong 100 mile (which she won!) before returning to her home in Washington almost immediately to direct the Chuckanut 50K.

Krissy has been training and racing in the new Signature Series 4.0 Adventure Vesta, often adding a reservoir to the rear compatible pocket and keeping items like her phone in the front “burrito” pocket. She checked in with us after coming off the road with Scott and Jenny Jurek’s “North” book tour to tell us what she loves about the new Adventure Vesta 4.0.

It’s a favorite of other UD ambassadors like Ann Trason and Anna Frost so read on to find out how Krissy uses the new Adventure Vesta 4.0.

By Krissy Moehl

The Adventure Vesta 4.0 was my committed companion on nearly every run this winter.

Loaded for runs spanning 2-8 hours regularly I created a system so I always knew where to find what I needed while moving. I rarely had to remove my pack which was key in the cold and wet Washington conditions. Having to stop meant quick advancement towards hypothermia.

The front stretch mesh, bungee closure pocket easily accommodated the majority of my trail calories. From Trail Butter to Clif Bloks, gels to homemade muffins I could cram a lot in there.

To allow for more upfront space I mostly used a reservoir. But when it was really cold I used three soft flasks; one up front and two in reserve. I could still hold enough fuel up front and when I changed out for a full bottle I’d bring a few more calories up front too.

My phone carried well and was a bit more protected in the zippered chest pocket (burrito pocket!). Having it there gave me quick access for photos and messages. I loved being able to coordinate friends meeting up to break up longer-mile days. On extra long runs when I needed more calories there was enough space to add a couple sleeves of Clif Bloks.

The back storage was key all the way through training and racing. The UTMB-required kit was also mandatory at Gaoligong, and with the crummy weather I often needed extra clothing to maintain warmth.

When my pup was with me I could clip her Ruffwear-elasticized leash handle through the two front chest straps.

All loaded down I’d balk at putting on the Adventure Vesta but once it was on my back I hardly noticed the weight. It nestled into my back nicely and with the new Comfort Cinch system and I was able to fit the vesta according to whatever layers I wore to endure the conditions.