As athletes we spend a lot of time thinking about weekly mileage, training load, diet and how to fit it all in with work and friendships and family and spouses and, and, and the list goes on! Many of us prioritize running so the notion of resolutions, specifically at the start of the year, is perhaps a moot point. That said, it doesn’t hurt to utilize some new thinking at the new year. Here are my five tips on how to be a more balanced and successful runner and racer in 2020.

Make it a Habit

Schedule in your runs like you would any other appointment, and find a time that works in your schedule. The more you automate the process, the quicker it becomes part of your routine.

Don’t Be A Hero

People love to brag about epic mileage and training runs, but it’s the day to day consistent smaller efforts that keep you healthy and running for the long haul. Resist the urge to overdo it – make your efforts manageable to avoid injury and burnout.

“That’s Good Enough,” not Perfection

We are all juggling career, family, and other life commitments with training. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice training to attend to other areas of your life, and that’s ok. Be kind to yourself and know it will balance out in time.

Keep Up a Strength and Mobility Routine

With limited time, it’s easy to neglect strength work and mobility to sneak in a few more miles, but the strength and prehab routines are essential for all runners. Just 20-30 minutes of strength work 2-3times a week will make a huge difference.


Find yourself in a rut? Run in a new location – explore a new trail, get lost. It’s the quickest way to bring joy back into your running.