Take a peek at the 3 new product videos about the new and improved 2.0 versions of our 3 Signature Series running vests.

Anton Krupicka’s Race Vest 2.0  –  Watch Now

Scott Jurek’s Ultra Vest 2.0  – Watch Now

Peter Bakwin’s Adventure Vest 2.0 –  Watch Now

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Updates to the Signatures Series Vests are coming!

The next generation of our Signature Series arrives soon! The vests Scott Jurek, Anton Krupicka and Peter Bakwin designed were incredibly successful, but the boys thought of some great ideas for improvements, so here they are: Signature Series 2.0.

For additional durability, we switched the Cuben Fiber for Silnylon 66, beefed up all the mesh and bungy cords, and added edge binding to the stretch pockets on the three vests. For easier sizing and a better fit, we added lateral adjustment straps on Scott and Peters, and for easier access to an internal bladder those two vests now have a third access zipper. Anton’s vest is more streamlined without the pockets at the bottom of the main compartment. And everything has been updated with our new color and logo.

The vests stayed virtually the same capacity — they are just stronger and tuned to perform better.

AK Race Vest: $99.95 – (weight w/o bottles 7 oz)
SJ Ultra Vest: $129.95 – (weight w/o bottles 11 oz)
PB Adventure Vest: $159.95 – (weight w/o bottles16 oz)

Also stay tuned for our NEW website!