We received an incredible response to that question on our Facebook Page – over 850(!) of you wrote what you thought they were thinking, over 100 people Shared it on their own FB Page, and over 20,000 people viewed the photograph and your proposed Captions, some of which were hilarious. Good job!

The photo is from the Leadville 100, where Scott Jurek paced Anton Krupicka the last 25 miles. The look on their faces is so striking, Scott asked me where it was from – and even though I (Buzz) took the picture, I had no idea either – none of us could remember this moment – so your Captions are just as good as ours!

The Caption with the most “Likes” will be awarded a Signature Series vest of their choice when they become available late this year.

And that person is: Caleb Wilson.  His Caption: “Oh man … we gotta go up Hope Pass AGAIN!?” received 135 Likes.

Second Place (who will receive an Access Waist Pack) is Ijaz Afzal, who received 107 Likes for, “Scott, I think I stepped on poop”. “Don’t stop Tony, it’s bear poop”.


Kyle Robinson: “Is that Polka music ahead?? Oh no…….” – 24 Likes

Natalie Bradford: “Someone should tell that guy he should turn his headlamp off when he does that…or that he shouldn’t look down at least!” -16 likes

Dave Fausel: “ANTON: Hey Scott, why do Thomas and Mike keep looking at us like that?……. SCOTT: Well…… you DO remember we’re not wearing shorts, right?……… ANTON:……….Oh…….. riiiiiiight……….. hey, pass me over that Bodyglide again?…….” -17 likes

Elizabeth George: “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Trail Adventure” –14 likes

Terence Gerchberg: “Anton – “What do you mean our crazy head gear & sunglasses don’t match.” Scott – “Yo, it totally goes with my shirtless vest wearing look.” Me- “Only super-fast-ultra-guys can rock that look & make it look cool, fashionable & sorta sporty”. :)” -21 likes

Bill Conley: “Scott: Jesus!! Tony: Yeah??” (8 Likes on Tonys page and + 13 from Scotts Page) -21 total

Pam Petersen: “Scott: “uh dude? This would be a good time to let me know if you can run on water.” -20 likes

Shannon McGinn: “Tony and Scott attend their first United States Running Streak Association meeting:  Scott: “Tony!? What the…! Why are all those Streakers wearing clothes!? I knew there was no such thing as a nude running club!”Anton: “Shut up, Scott. At least you got a vest on. Just put your shades down and no one will know it’s you.”Scott: “This still doesn’t explain your hat…” -20 likes

Gabriel Barrio: “I can’t believe its not butter!?” -18 likes

Robert Timko:  Tony: “Powerlines.” Scott: “…Powerlines.”  Both in harmony: “Our ironic 80’s sunglasses are no match” – 15 LIkes

Kynan Matz: “You lied to me, Tony! Everyone else is wearing pants!” -13 likes

Heather Vestergaard-Mcintosh: “What? “NO SHIRTS, NO shoes, No service?” When did they start that at Aid stations?” -8 likes


David Clark: “Tony, for the last time- if you don’t start looking for a job soon I’m not letting you sleep on my living room floor anymore”.

Bill Raitter: “Is that Buzz with his shirt off or a sweating bigfoot?”

Kjell E. Framnes: “We got ‘chicked’ by Frosty!”

Azalia Zapata: “Dude! Is he wearing your AK RACE VEST?”

Lisa Wood: “Tony: “It’s 106 miles to Leadville, we got a full pack of GU, half a pack of PowerBars, it’s dark… and we’re wearing sunglasses.”

Scott: “Hit it.”