We were wondering, so we asked:  two weeks ago we sent a survey to everyone on our email list – the results are really helpful – thank you to the 1,798 people who responded! The answers you gave will help us design and build the gear you want.

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OK, let’s cut to the chase – who are you?  Here are some Results from the survey ….


JK“Whoa, I gotta start running more!” – Justin Keller, UD Sales Manager

Congratulations – you are serious runners – as many people run more than once per day as 1-2 times per week.


LJ“I’d better get to work!” – Lance Johnson, UD Product Designer/Manager

Over 70% of you are looking to purchase something, many of you a Handheld or Waistpack, but the greatest percentage are planning to purchase a vest.  Good!  We’ll have a very interesting announcement soon.

Q17  “In what state do you live?”

BBAll 52 states (and DC) were represented! You – our core customers – are everywhere. In fact, by far the greatest percentage checked “Other”, which means either they are from Mars, or another country.  Next survey we’ll have to include different countries to see where everyone lives – UD is very global.

“I need to plan a month-long sales trip to Fiji this winter” – Buzz Burrell


MMOK, we’re not going to show numbers, but you’re all getting by really well – congratulations!  There probably are many “dirtbag runners”,  but our survey respondents are well-educated and financially stable.

“Dang, I need to get paid more!” – Marily MacDonald, Internet Coordinator

Thank you again to those who participated. We’ll do another survey, so make sure you get on our email list.  Plus, we gave away three prizes – congratulations to Michael Brødsted and Rob Andro! (We haven’t tracked down our third winner yet).

Lastly, what do you think of this Survey?  What new products would YOU like to see?  Please Comment below!