Ultimate Direction ambassadors took a clean sweep last weekend at Steamboat, Colorado’s Run Rabbit Run 100 miler. We won the men’s race with Jason Schlarb and won the women’s race with Michele Yates. Right behind her in second was Emma Roca.

Here are the Ultimate Direction products these ambassadors wore with some comments about the race.

1st place woman: Michele Yates
UD products used: Ultra Vesta, 10 oz BottleUltimate Direction Ultra Jacket v2

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of Run Rabbit Run 100 this year! I wasn’t even supposed to run again with my own hips let alone 100 mountain miles! With beautiful fall colors and more single track the new course was mesmerizing. The day was hot, so to really execute, I used the original Jenny Vesta with 10 ounce bottles. Once the sun went down, I easily whipped out my Ultra Jacket v2 to keep me warm for miles to come.

2nd place woman: Emma Roca
UD products used:  FK Trekking Poles, Signature Series 4.0 Adventure VestaUltimate Direction Tempo Visor

The heat and smoke of a nearby fire was relentless. I had fallen half way through the race, with knee pain, a cut elbow, and a swollen quadriceps. The race left me exhausted but I was so very glad to fight until the end! I love this race!

1st place man: Jason Schlarb
UD products used:  Utility Belt, Halo Vest (available spring 2019), Ultimate Direction Tempo Visor

I was reduced to a jog on the flats. Stopping on the side of the trail to stretch, getting passed and debating my will and ability to finish was my reality. THAT is the beauty, intrigue and ridiculousness of a mountain 100 mile race. I drew some strength remembering Ludo Pommeret’s victory at UTMB a few years back after being in 40th place half way. I kept going. One mile at a time.  What an adventure.

And now for your own racing adventures be it 100 miles (or less — or more) we are happy to announce that our new Re-Cup is now available. It’s reusable and collapsible and the perfect accessory to bring to cupless races. Buy them in a pack of four to use as extras or to give to friends. Also available now is our redesigned Body Bottle 500S for hands-free drinking. The straw now uses a push/pull valve for locking and a bite valve on the end to prevent leaking. It’s compatible with any Ultimate Direction Vest or Vesta.

**Michele Yates picture courtesy of Paul Nelson / Instagram